About Us - Meet the team of Hall's Automotive Inc.

Randy Hall - CEO

Randy Hall is an ASE Certified Master Technician who holds advanced emission repair credentials. His knowledge of Honda's is well-known; this was his area of specialization when he first started the business. Randy grew up working on cars with his dad, Tom, with whom he turned his hobby into a thriving repair business. He is married to his wife of 25 Years, Susie, and has 3 daughters, 3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 3 dogs.

Terri - Office Manager

Terri is the younger of the two Hall siblings. As the office manager, she is responsible for all bookkeeping. She purchased her first car from a salvage auction, which she then rebuilt with her dad. With many years working in and around the garage, she knows enough about cars to get into trouble. Fortunately, she knows how to get cars out of trouble, too.

Gracie - Service Advisor

Gracie has been an important member of the Hall's staff since 2000. She is an expert at translating your repair needs to the technicians and can always find the right parts for your car.

Nancy - Office Assistant

Nancy has been an employee of Hall's since 2007. As Gracie's younger sister, she first started helping her in the office with anything she needed, such as filing and answering phones, Recently, though, she has taken on more computer responsibilities that include: social networking, searching for parts on the internet, and editing the website. Nancy enjoys working for Hall's and looks forward to increasing her knowledge about cars and computers.

Julio - Mechanic Assistant

Julio has joined us as a mechanic's assistant. He learns fast and is taking on responsibility very well. He looks forward to increasing his knowledge about cars.